Ben Cobley

Highly experienced Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Founder of Seven Hills Fitness Training

Having a great coach is about many things. Having empathy, good people skills and a desire to help people is of vital importance. Placing on top of these qualities, the ability to educate and motivate and good coaching is formed. 


My goal is that each client leaves their training session feeling strong, positive and energised. I aim to continually broaden my knowledge to ensure all of my clients and athletes benefit from excellent training that is challenging, motivating and fun.



“Along side my physio Ben has been hugely important to my success on the duathlon circuit. He has helped implement a periodised strength and conditioning program and introduced me to a whole new level of training. He is a hugely knowledgable guy and forever seems to have his head in a conditioning book when he isn’t training clients. Through his commitment and knowledge base I have seem my times consistently drop and with his help in the future I am confident I will reach my goal of becoming GB no. 1.”

Julian Lings, GB Duathlete

From the outset he has been understanding, a good listener and an intelligent teacher. He understands me and my limits. He pushes me when I need pushing. He encourages me when I think my lungs are about to burst. He knows my weaknesses and works on those. He knows I have a competitive instinct and brings that out when we are training. The result: I feel fitter in absolutely everything I do – from working to competing at racquetball or golf. My mind is sharper and my body feels fitter. Ben's teaching works and I recommend him to you.

Martin Loxley

I've been a constant client of Ben for many years, and still enjoy every session with him. He's got a knack to know when I need to slow down and when to push me hard to the limit. He also has the uncanny ability to know which part of my body that needs working. He always puts good posture and form the priority. Over the period of five years, obviously I have had my ups and downs, but in general, I can definitely say that I am getting stronger and fitter.

Dita Sardjono


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