Ben Cobley
Senior Personal Trainer
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Having a great coach is about many things. Having empathy, good people skills and a desire to help people is of vital importance. Placing on top of these qualities, the ability to educate and motivate and good coaching is formed. 


My goal is that each client leaves their training session feeling strong, positive and energised. I aim to continually broaden my knowledge to ensure all of my clients and athletes benefit from excellent training that is challenging, motivating and fun.

Luke Haslam
Personal Trainer

As a coach I recognise that every person is different. This means that it is my job to create a programme that is individually tailored to suit the clients personal goals and needs.


My mission as a personal trainer is to ensure that each client is coached correctly towards their personal goals. I will aim for each session to be fun and enjoyable, whilst creating a challenging and varied training stimulus.