• Ben Cobley

Big butts don't lie...

That's the truth, big butts don't lie. Your Glutes and Hamstrings play a vital role in acceleration, change of direction and all round general awesomeness. They help maintain correct posture, allow us to move around with ease and lets face it... look great.

Various research has shown how weak Glutes can contribute to lower back pain and the increased likelihood of ACL ruptures in otherwise healthy adults. All this adds up to one thing, stronger Glutes can only be a good thing.

The exercises below will help build amazing Glutes and Hamstrings that not only perform better but give you a great looking booty.

Check out Elliot doing a single leg RDL. These are great for improving stability whilst building that butt.

Here is yours truly doing a Hamstring curl. The trick with these is to keep your hips elevated throughout.

The dumbbell Romanian deadlift (can also be done with a bar) is all about keeping the chest high, driving your hips back and squeezing your bum cheeks at the end of the movement.