• Ben Cobley

Great hip extension exercise and power developer: the kettlebell swing

The kettlebell swing is a great exercise to help develop the posterior chain (backside of body). Performed correctly by moving through the hips it teaches excellent hip extension mechanics and requires a great deal of concentric and eccentric strength and control.

The idea behind this movement is to dynamically load the hips before explosively driving them forward to drive the kettlebell up to shoulder height. It shouldn’t however look like a hybrid front raise. The movement is solely created by the powerful extensors of the hip and not brought about by the arms and shoulders.

Give it a shot at the beginning of your program as a power movement or as a finisher at the end of your session. Aim to keep your posture strong and your chest up throughout. Don’t allow any rounding of the back to occur otherwise this will facilitate the movement coming from the Lumbar spine (Which is a big no no).



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