• Ben Cobley

Who's insane

Insanity isn’t often thought of something that occurs in a gym. Most people seem pretty normal but the truth is many people are more insane that they realise.

Whether it’s the overweight guy doing the bicep curl circuit in a vain attempt to lose that abdominal fat or the women performing 50 reps of tricep kick backs with 2kg, trying to “tighten her arms up”, insanity as described above is very prevalent in the fitness realm.

This is one of the reasons many people simply end up spinning their wheels with their training. They never actually perform anything that is a. stressful enough to provoke adaptation and b. try something different if their current “routine” isn’t producing results.

It’s no suprise that many people simply lose interest in exercise and quit. With that in mind heed these simple words of wisdom:

Scrap the isolation stuff. Bicep curls and tricep kick backs galore won’t give you any appreciable gains. They suck quite simply. Get performing big compound movements to gain real results. Arnie didn’t get his results from bicep curls alone (I promise).

Mix up your training every 4-8 weeks. Your body adapts to any given stimulus and then stalls. Add more weight, adjust the rest intervals, drop the reps and go heavy, anything, to promote further adaptation.

Bad nutrition will always out perform a good training programme. Make sure your nutrition is in check to really get results.

Don’t be a X-trainer bunny that never changes the level or pace. If you insist upon going on a X-trainer make sure you put some changes in pace in there. Plodding for 30 minutes won’t do much (and the calorie counter isn’t accurate for those that love to count them).

The simplest rule: Training should be hard (within reason ofcourse). If it’s not why would your body need to change (Hint: it won’t if it isn’t overloaded).


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