We are passionate about what we do, but you don't have to take our word for it! Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us...

“Along side my physio Ben has been hugely important to my success on the duathlon circuit. He has helped implement a periodised strength and conditioning program and introduced me to a whole new level of training. He is a hugely knowledgable guy and forever seems to have his head in a conditioning book when he isn’t training clients. Through his commitment and knowledge base I have seem my times consistently drop and with his help in the future I am confident I will reach my goal of becoming GB no. 1.”

Julian Lings, GB Duathlete

Despite our early starts Ben is always buzzing. Having experienced other PT's, Ben is the best by far. His knowledge and experience is obvious as he builds a program based around your body and his attention to detail in posture gives you those light bulb moments where you realise what muscles you have/should be working! Happy to recommend Ben

Hazel Wilkinson

Ben is to training what a bespoke tailor is to a wardrobe. He's uncannily able to peer into your body and discern precisely what's frayed before designing a pattern of optimum exercise - from perspiration to posture. He's practical in his work and mercifully eschews any evangelical mumbo jumbo.

Jonathan Foster

I've been a constant client of Ben for more than five years now, and still enjoy every session with him. He's got a knack to know when I need to slow down and when to push me hard to the limit. He also has the uncanny ability to know which part of my body that needs working. He always puts good posture and form the priority. Over the period of five years, obviously I have had my ups and downs, but in general, I can definitely say that I am getting stronger and fitter.

Dita Sardjono

I moved to Sheffield just over 4 years ago and started working out with Ben almost immediately. I have a job that ties me to a desk, a classroom or an aeroplane taking me somewhere overseas so it's sometimes hard to get into that fitness routine I used to have - and let's face it, I'm not as sporty as I was in my teens and 20s.. Working out with Ben has been BRILLIANT. Each session seems to be very tailor made around my fitness ability, goals and priorities, and it always always leaves me feeling energised for the week ahead. Ben very kindly manages to fit my sessions in around my crazy travel schedule (thanks Ben!!) which is also great. I cannot recommend training with Ben enough!! Well worth every penny and more!

Julie Balen

Ben is an excellent trainer, pushes you to your limit whilst recognising your wants and needs from the sessions. He’s professional, reasonably priced and a great motivation. Thanks so much for your support, I’ll be back! X

Holly Nicholl

I have been a lawyer for over 30 years. My passion has been sport, particularly if it involves a ball. I reached my mid fifties and realised that if I was going to continue to compete I would need to look after my body. So I contacted Ben.
Ben set up for me a weekly programme. From the outset he has been understanding, a good listener and an intelligent teacher. He understands me and my limits. He pushes me when I need pushing. He encourages me when I think my lungs are about to burst. He knows my weaknesses and works on those. He knows I have a competitive instinct and brings that out when we are training. 
The result: I feel fitter in absolutely everything I do – from working to competing at racquetball or golf. My mind is sharper and my body feels fitter. Ben's teaching works and I recommend him to you.

Martin Loxley

I have been training with Ben for around 4 years now and have been a member of the Hallamshire for the last 25+ years. In that time I have seen my fitness and strength improve dramatically. Ben pushes me to achieve my potential but never further than I can manage. I often say I don’t want to be “the best” and Ben has devised a varied fitness programme that suits me and my lifestyle. Since I have been lifting weights though, I have noticed how much stronger I am in my arms and upper body – very handy in my occupation as a dentist. I would recommend Ben as a personal trainer to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels, or indeed anyone wanting to be “the best” they can be.

Ella Black

I loathe fitness stuff & am the least fit woman on the planet but knew as old age creeps on that I had to do something. I've signed up with Ben's team. It's been hard as I have found muscles I had no idea existed but Luke has been patient as I've had to learn all these new things - a split squat for goodness sake - but after four sessions I've getting the knack & while I don't love it I know I am improving & that this is going to become a way of life. I've been welcomed & despite being a very overweight dumpling I've felt at home. Thank you.

Sioned-Mair Richards

Sioned-Mair Richards

Sioned-Mair Richards